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Ahaf's children's corner for macular degeneration content navigation navigation home about macular degeneration overview learn about macular degeneration quick facts anatomy of the eye magic goggles make it safe how you can help fun & games share overview talk about it loved one's escrapbook send an ecard get involved public service announcements library overview school report toolkit movies, books and articles about macular degeneration cool eye facts notable people with macular degeneration other websites on vision loss glossary of terms grown-ups overview help kids to use this website how to address your kid's concerns resources for teachers contact us kid's privacy policy health care professionals sponsors about ahaf login magic goggles click each stage below to see how macular degeneration (md) may affect someone’s vision in one or both eyes. buy generic viagra cheap generic viagra mg The progression and form of the disease can vary from person to person. viagra dosage take Disease stages normal vision early (dry md) intermediate (dry md) late (dry md) early (wet md) late (wet md) american health assistance foundation © normal vision in the beginning, our eyes function normally. buy viagra online The center of our vision is clear and crisp. buy viagra 20 mg Early dry md in early (dry) macular degeneration, cells in the macula begin to sicken, and parts of the central vision become blurry. This may be difficult to notice at first, especially if the other eye is healthy, which can often hide the problems of the sick eye. natural viagra online australia Some people may find that they need more light to read, but otherwise may not notice problems with their vision. generic viagra brands Intermediate dry md as dry macular degeneration slowly progresses into an intermediate stage, the blurring gets worse, and the blurred area increases in size. Some blind spots (called scotomas "sko toe mas") may develop. buying viagra online yahoo The person may begin to have trouble telling the difference between similar colors, or shades of the same color. buy viagra 20 mg Late dry md in very late stage dry macular degeneration, macula cells begin to die, and large portions of the center of vision may become blurred. Male refractory period viagra People at this stage may have blind spots as well as some areas that appear wavy or distorted. cheap generic viagra Not all dry macular degeneration will progress to wet macular degeneration, but when it does it often progresses much more quickly than the dry form. viagra online Early wet md in some people with dry macular degeneration, new blood vessels grow under the retina, forming "wet" macular degeneration. In the early stages of wet macular degeneration, these vessels may cause the retina to bulge or pucker. buy viagra This results in distortion or "twisting" of vision. how to order viagra online safely Think of how curved mirrors change the images they reflect. cheap viagra online A bent or puckered macula also change. viagra without a doctor prescription Viagra 20 mg 2 tabletas Contact Information

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